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Tool Talk: All About Internet Marketing Tools

by: David Riewe

Who doesn't want inexpensive internet marketing tools? In this day and age when advertising your business online is the way to go, it's a must that you avail of internet marketing tools at the lowest cost possible. How can you avail of them? How can you make the most out of these low cost internet marketing tools?

These low cost internet marketing tools aim to better your website and promote them thoroughly. Read on to know more about them:

1. Software

There is software specializing in internet marketing. These programs are affordable internet marketing tools. They attract traffic, communicate your site to anyone online, harness and trim down your keywords, track your site visitors and create links to other sites. Of course, the phrase "low cost" emphasizes that you must not spend exorbitantly. Watch out for internet marketing tools that do nothing but suck your budget.

2. Website packages

Take note of low cost internet marketing tools that do the following: hosting and designing your site, getting your domain, offering technical help, configure and upload your files, campaigning for your traffic. These are available in website packages that you can avail of anytime. Choose a package caters to your site's needs.

3. Mailing lists

Notice that when you visit the Bulk Mail folder of your email, you read nothing but website promotions. That's email marketing? It boosts your business like no other. Don't worry about spamming. There's such a thing as "safe lists" that make your mails spam-free.

4. Data Submitters

This is a money-saving internet marketing tool that works like magic. Have a data submitter of your own and amass tremendously huge hits!

5. E-books

Integrate an e-book in your site for people to download. At such a cheap price, you keep people clamoring for more and visiting your site in the process. That's one affordable internet marketing tool for you.

6. SEO tools

Internet marketing is not complete without the standard SEO tools. Search engines remain as the major powerhouse in marketing so never leave this part out. Generate traffic through this effective low cost internet marketing tool!

Here's a reminder: when you see the low cost internet marketing tool banners online, never get persuaded easily. Study the package deals; analyze the contents and benefits before deciding if you want one.

About the author:
Little Known Minnesota Man Making Six Figures Per Year Online, From the Comfort of Home, Reveals His Top Internet Money-Makers.

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Internet Marketing Tips to Get Web Site Traffic & Keep Them Coming Back

by: Jack Elmy

Are you wondering how you can drive more traffic to your website without investing a small fortune in SEO or marketing consultation firms? While at some point, it is wise to invest in some professional services; there are a couple of things you can do on your own to drive customers to your site that are relatively inexpensive if not downright free.

Internet Marketing Tip 1: The Internet is called the ‘information superhighway’ for a reason. The average web surfer is looking for information, not a product to purchase. They may be persuaded to stop and buy something along the way, but for the most part they simply want answers to their questions and they want it fast. In today’s ‘want it now’ society, your target audience doesn’t read web pages, they scan them. With so much information available an experienced web surfer knows they must scan a page, look for relevant information and move on if they don’t see what they need. Providing interesting web content may be enough to lure a customer to your site, but it might not be enough to convince them to stay; especially if it isn’t placed in an interesting and highly visible layout. Use short paragraphs that are easy and quick to read. Utilize bold print to highlight the most important information.

Internet Marketing Tip 2: Consider offering a free service that is beneficial to the consumer. Offer free update services, a newsletter or an e-zine. If you’re worried that this may be too time consuming, put your fears aside. You can obtain free services that will notify you when someone has signed up for your newsletter and through the use of a distribution list on your e-mail you can easily handle circulation for your newsletter or e-zine. Keep in mind, however; when you are putting together your newsletter or e-zine that the only reason a consumer has for signing up and continuing to subscribe to your publication is for worthy information. Don’t allow your publication to become a forum for advertising. Provide information that is of real benefit to the reader and that convinces them to re-visit your site. In order to really make a quality publication make sure you include a privacy statement and provide a link in the publication for the customer to unsubscribe at any time if they wish.

Driving traffic to your website doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; it simply requires a little creativity. Try implementing an Internet marketing tip mentioned above. There’s no reason to lag behind in the race for customers when you have the power to drive customers to your site within reach.

About the author:
The author, Jack Elmy, markets paid survey affiliate products on his Web site at

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Network Marketing: Selling the Dream

by: Fernando Rivadeneyra

Are you tired of struggling to make ends meet? Unexcited about driving in rush hour traffic? Burned out at work making your BOSS’S dream come true? You have a choice in life but most people choose to live in constant fear. They are scared to death of failure or success. They feel small. They don’t feel they are good enough or important enough to make a difference. There is a secret to success. All it takes is a dream.

When was the last time you dared to dream? Have your hopes and aspirations been squelched by life and no longer express your dreams to others? Are you no longer asked about our dreams because you are expected to have accomplished and attained them by now? For the vast majority of the population the dream has been replaced by a nightmare. We all continue to seek happiness, security, independence, and riches beyond compare. Many have managed to achieve these things in their life through network marketing.

Network marketing maybe the answer needed to revive your dream machine. However, not everyone is suited for network marketing. But if you have moderate people skills and are a big thinker, network marketing could be right for you. In this the first of four parts, you will find out what a prominent author says about network marketing and why he believes network marketing is the ideal vehicle to wealth and prosperity.

For someone exploring a network marketing opportunity for the first time, the book written by Robert Kiyosaki entitled, “The Business School for People Who Like Helping People” is a book to have. Robert Kiyosaki reviews several ways that one may become rich. However, the path offered by his Rich Dad may be the most realistic and also holds the greatest profit potential. Rich Dad's path to success is simple just build a business.

Robert Kiyosaki prefers network-marketing businesses because there exists very few barriers to entry. Some of the richest people in the world come from the business quadrant. There is a bad connotation of network marketing and it is because most people don’t understand the purpose of networking. The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else looks for work.

Network marketing scares some people. It scares your bosses who want to continue to maintain control over you. It scares people in the investment business that hope you will never read any of Robert Kiyosaki's books and listen to their advice (while they participate in illegal investing techniques with your money). "In network marketing" Kiyosaki says, "they want you to get better. In the workplace, they don't want you to get better. It's a rat race."

The title of this book tells it all -- network marketing is not a "get rich quick" vehicle. Rather, it is a business school where the ultimate goal is personal growth. Robert Kiyosaki presents eleven "hidden values" of a network marketing business. This is the ideal tool to help you look beyond the hype, see the network marketing opportunity for what it really is, and set realistic expectations for your personal success. This book gives a solid, realistic foundation from which you can chart your course.

Robert Kiyosaki also says that network marketing is the perfect B-Business for some people but not everybody. It's all based on values. Some people are weak and need the security of a paycheck. Others, who want freedom and are willing to develop themselves, will find network marketing the Perfect B-Business for them.

Some sophisticated business people like to take cheap shots at network marketing and say it's not really a business. But how would a MBA know what a real business is when all they are is an employee---the E Quadrant. Network marketing puts you on the B-Quadrant only without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars, having to buy or rent a building, or pay employees. In real estate you use leverage in the form of other peoples money. In network marketing, you use leverage in the form of other people’s contacts, other people’s energy.

There are tax benefits to owning your own network marketing business. As an employee you are paying the absolute maximum in taxes. This is money you can be using to improve your lifestyle, invest in your network marketing company, in real estate or set aside for retirement. And of course, this is the information age. Never has it been easier to reach more people via network marketing than it is right now. (Please contact your tax consultant for specific deductions)

The future is looking very bright for network marketing. Why? There are already several economic trends in place that will drive more and more people to participate in network marketing in the very near future. For one, people are looking for alternatives to the job market. Many people are tired of the long commute, 9-5 routine and the myth of "job security." They want freedom and network marketing can give that to them.

People are tired of being pushed around by unappreciative employers. Tired of being dedicated to the company hoping for a long tenure only to be downsized. People are also tired of the schemes and scams by brokers, brokerages and mutual fund companies. The average individual does not have or does not want to risk the large capital required for a conventional business.

A dream is not a job. A job can be very tiring and not very rewarding. For some it is working in corporate America for 29 years and on the day you only have 30 days left to retire you are laid off. For others it is working at two fast food restaurants for 80 hours a week and earning minimum wage. Your story may be different but if you have a job you are not working for your dream. You are working to create the dream of your employer become a reality not yours.

Network marketing may very well be the last great opportunity to achieve the American Dream. As Robert points out in his book, networking isn't for everyone, but it is a great way to create a passive walk away income that will give you freedoms and options in other investments. That's probably the number one point he makes. You don't need to become a networking guru, but, you can create a secondary income of $1000, $3000, or even $10,000 a month and use that to live your dreams.

Yes the future does look very bright for network marketing. No doubt network marketing is the wave of the future. Networking is a brilliant idea. In network marketing the average guy without much money can keep their day jobs and start their network marketing business part time. No major capital investment and unlimited income opportunity without risk. You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

You are invited to visit
http://www.earthchannel.com/media/wlg/dia.asx to hear from people that never gave up on themselves and their dreams. There is no better time to be in business than right now. The company mentioned in the video has the system, compensation plan, the leadership, track record, and consumer oriented products to make your family’s dream come true marketing financial services. Additional information can be obtained by visiting Terry Bradshaw's Pick Of The Week at http://www.GeniusMarketingConcept.com and learn about the Realty Revolution at http://www.earthchannel.com/media/wlg/grmfinal.asx

Join me in the exploration of network marketing. Future articles will outline the pitfalls of network marketing. Then find out who make the ideal candidates for network marketing. And finally what are some strategies to use in network marketing.

About the author:
Fernando Rivadeneya is an affiliate of World Leadership Group. For information on leading edge technology marketing consumer oriented prodcuts visit:

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22 Practical Ways to Promote Your Product/Service

by Edmund Krzeminski

This article describes methods you need to set up a LIFETIME MONTHLY INCOME! with your own .ws website, integrated marketing system, business cards, promotional movie, one of the top recruiting groups with active sponsors who will help you build your business, dedicated forum to share ideas and successes and an ingenious marketing system that works!

1. You should build trust which is the foundation of selling.

2. Maintain your focus - do not waste time, energy or money trying to promote multiple programs.

3. Use business cards with web address and contact information.

4. Do not act as a PhD in your program - let the website, promotion movie or info call do the talking.

5. When contacting prospects, less is better - do not overwhelm your prospects.

6. Ask questions of your prospects - the power is with the questionner, not the information giver.

7. Look at business opportunity ads in your local newspapers/ magazines and ring up the advertiser offering your product/program.

8. Use the "invite" system on your program's website to invite friends, family and business colleagues to join your program.

9. Make an initial personal contact with your
prospect by phone - it will pay off in the end.

10. Write articles about your product/service and submit to ezines and article directories.

11. Start your own blog on the topic of your product or service. Get a free blog plus hosting with Google.

12. Clean and rationalize your mailing list(s).

13. Review your online marketing strategies.

14. Research your target market more thoroughly.

15. Expand your offline marketing activity.

16. Reorient your marketing text to the season's themes.

17. Increase your participation in forums and conference calls.

18. Distribute your business cards/brochures while you are away in another location.

19. Implement or refine your ad tracking.

20. Explore ways to achieve leverage amongst your online programs.

21. Investigate potential joint ventures.

22. Catch up on those eBooks you have been meaning to read.

About the Author
I am marketer and programmer. My hobbies are methods to get traffic, website promotion, tools for webmasters and SEO. You can find them at: http://www.moneymaking.topeuro.biz

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Guide to Pay Per Click Search Engines

by: David Greene

Search Engines. What is a Pay Per Click Search Engine?

A pay per click search engine is designed for pay for performance advertising. That means that an advertiser pays the search engine owners only for traffic that is delivered to his web site in accordance with key words that the advertiser chooses to bid on.
Example: An advertiser has a web site that advertises vacations to Thailand. The advertiser can bid on "vacations to Thailand" as a key word. If he wants to be in the number one position on the search results page he can place a bid that is one cent more than the existing high bid for the key word term "vacations to Thailand". Let's say that the present high bid is $0.20 per click. A bid of $0.21 would than gain the top position for the advertiser.

If his key word was clicked on 10 times in one day he would pay 10 X $0. 21 , or $2.10 for the traffic that was delivered to his web site for that day. The advertiser is paying only for performance. There is no charge for the number of times that the advertisers ad appeared on the search engine web site that day. The charges are based only on the number of times that a visitor clicked on the key word and was delivered to the advertiser's web site. Thus the name "pay per click".

Why Use Pay Per Click Search Engines?

In just a few words it is because the leading Pay per Click Search Engines (PPC) can quickly deliver quality targeted traffic to your web site. Anyone who has build web sites know that building web sites is the easy part. The tough part of the process is in driving enough qualified traffic to the site to make it worth while from a commercial view point.
Even if you are successful in building a web site that the search engines love it will take some time, probably two or three months, perhaps longer, for the search engine spiders to find your site and for your site to be listed in the search engine. If you are trying to make money on the Internet that is a long time to go without traffic.

No traffic means no sales and no income. That should not be your objective unless you enjoy building web sites no matter how few people ever visit them.

With pay per click search engine accounts you can almost immediately drive qualified traffic to your web site. If you are serious about building a business on the Internet that is a pretty good reason to use Pay Per Click Search Engines.

Pay Per Click Search Engine Tips.

1. Use quality pay per click search engines that already have a high volume of traffic. It doesn't matter how cheap the bid for your key words may be if there is little traffic on the search engine and your key words are never clicked on.

2. Know your market. If you are selling "vacations to Thailand" do some research to find out what words and phases folks who are thinking of traveling to Thailand are actually using in their searches. An excellent tool to assist in this research is Wordtracker . Wordtracker will quickly help you to decide which key words are truly worth bidding on.

3. Quality pay per click search engines will have starting bids from one cent to five cents per key word. It is important to know that about 80% of the traffic for any key word will go to the top three bids. So if you want a lot of traffic to your web site try to position yourself in the top three spots. Just as with real estate location makes all the difference in results.

4. Set up a realistic budget for each search engine. Quality pay per click search engines get a lot of traffic so be prepared for a lot of traffic to your site if you bid on popular key words.

5. Popular key words can be expensive so choose your key words with great care. It is best to stay away from key words that are too general in nature. Thus to continue with the example above bidding on the key word "vacations" would not be wise if you are selling vacations to Thailand. Yes, you would get a ton of traffic but it would be more than likely be too general and you would spend a lot of money for poor results. It is almost always a better strategy to bid on phases instead of one general keyword. Therefore bidding on "vacations to Thailand" would be a far better choice than bidding on "vacations".

If you are selling vacations to Pattaya Thailand it would be better to bid on "vacations to Pattaya Thailand" than on "vacations to Thailand". The more keywords that you can find that exactly match up with whatever it is that you are selling and that folks will be searching for the more money you will save (less money will get you in the top three spots) and the better your results will be.

Wordtracker is an excellent tool that can find key word phases that are actually being searched for and that you would probably never think of going it alone.

6. Think about using a lot of keywords rather that a common few. The common few will be expensive and will likely deliver to your web site a lot of poorly targeted traffic with poor conversion ratios (traffic to sales). People search for the darnest things and those who actually plan on buying something usually search by using phrases. With some effort you can find phrases that are cheap and that will deliver highly targeted traffic...the kind that converts into sales.

7. No matter how much traffic you drive to a web site if you are marketing sorry products or services or if you have excellent products and services but you have a sorry website you are wasting your time and money. Everything must be right to achieve business success. Make sure that your site is "order taking ready" before you turn on your pay per click traffic.

About the author:
Online since 1997 the author early on achieved some degree of success with MLM programs. By late 1998 he was able to work online full time only to suffer the diappointment of the MLM companies not surviving the dot.com bust.
Since 2001 he has worked as a full time promoter of various affiliate programs and is once again a happy online camper. David currently resides in Thailand about eleven months of the year while maintaining a US office in Honolulu, Hi. His laest project is

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How to Make 20 Dollars Per Day on the Net

by: Joaquin de la Sierra

A nice goal to reach is the 20 dollar mark. I breached that about six months ago, and let me tell you something: The hardest part is to reach 20 dollars. From there it gets easier every time for a very mysterious reason.
My strategy was to write good content ever since the beginning. If you are wondering, this website is not the one which brought me that glorious revenue - it happened from a history site!
Of course I was just learning back then and each click from that history website brings me around 20 cents - but nevertheless, I learnt that there is no limit to the revenue that one can make online.
From that history website I am making up to $50 every day now. That combined with a couple more websites I have have brought that number to the mid XXX. WOW.

That only happened in one year. Of course you can make it happen too and it's not as hard as it seems. All you need is patience and guts because if you lack either, you're getting nowhere.
Here is how to reach that dreaded $20 mark: (from the beginning)

1. Choose a niche
2. Purchase a domain name (read my previous entry for more info).
3. Write as much as possible.
4. Keep writing.
5. Write even more.
6. Place ADS in ever page.
7. Optimize.
8. Write more.
9. Repeat everything (that's right purchase another domain name).

This will lead you to success believe it or not.

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Earn And Make Money Online Today

by: Costa Dedes

Make money successEver heard of the Swap Clix Method?
"How would you like to earn an extra $100, $500, or $1000 every week with 15 minutes of your time?"
Im not pulling your leg!
Make money 15 minutes from now!
Discover the secrets of Swap Clix! New methods combine the power of Google's AdWords and AdSense -never seen before!
Are you like me? Trying to make money on the internet but failing at every attempt? I spent all sorts of money on how to make money products, guaranteed income products, MLM marketing. You name it I've been there.
Then one day I had an idea. An amazing idea actually.
I have found a way to create a never ending stream of income. This method has never been released to the public before. Very few, if anyone has implemented this. I have decided to share my idea with you. The only thing I ask is you do not share this information with anyone.
Why am I sharing this information you ask? Well the main reason is I spent so much money on programs that promised me riches. None of them have delivered. I know how you feel, and I want to put an end to it. I guarantee you will make money with my system or I will refund you 100% of your purchase price!

Now before I get to deep into the details let me tell you what this program is NOT.
This is not a promote my affiliate program to make money! This is not a put ads in the newspaper to make money! This is not a stuff envelope scam to make money! This is not a make money with surveys program! This is not a paid to read email program! This is not a paid to click program! This is not like anything you have ever seen!

About the Author
Learn how to make some easy money online today visit Swapclix

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How To Choose The Right Network Marketing Opportunity

by: shawn johnson

I think it's fair to say that most of us have at one time or another been introduced to network marketing by friends, family, or even complete strangers. And they always make it sound so easy, don't they? We are told that all it takes is a few e-mails or a phone call or two and then it's afternoons lounging on some tropical beach.

Of course, anyone who has joined a network marketing opportunity knows it isn't quite that easy. But this doesn't necessarily mean that network marketing is a scam either. There are thousands of people who are enjoying a massive residual income every month from work they only had to do once. But how do you choose which network marketing opportunity is the right one for you?

The first and most important thing to look out for is to make sure the opportunity your interested in is a legitimate one and not a pyramid scheme. And the best way to do this is by looking at the company’s product. A pyramid scheme will usually have a product of little or no value that is used mainly for the recruitment of others. Ask yourself if it is something that you can use and sell outside of the program?

Would you buy and use the company’s product even if you were not involved in the income opportunity? If the product is only useful in recruiting others into the program than you should probably stay away from it. And do you truly believe in the product? No, not because your sponsor tells you how great it is, but do YOU really believe that the company’s product is worth buying?

And is there a need for the product? I once watched a show where people submitted their inventions in a contest and as all of these people gave their presentations I remember thinking "wow, these are all really cool!" But as the judges began tearing the inventions apart I realized that while some of the inventions were pretty nifty, they weren't really very useful to anyone besides those who invented them. So make sure that the company's product has a real demand for it.

We have been told most of our lives that you get what you pay for. While this may be true with a lot of other things, it is not necessarily so with network marketing. It is easy to believe that because an income opportunity is low cost it must not work, and if it is expensive than it must make you money. This is not true, in fact it is quite the opposite.

The more expensive an opportunity is, the harder it is going to be to get people involved. And the harder you are going to kick yourself in the backside if it ends up not working for you. There are plenty of lucrative opportunities that cost between forty and two hundred dollars. Remember, you will still need money to advertise your business.

How much money you will actually make from each sale is a huge factor in determining your financial success. Make sure that the company is giving you a reasonable commission. If you only get a buck or two from every sale you make this is most likely not going to be very profitable for you.

Try to avoid programs that force you to go wide on your first level, or who don't reward you for going deep. The average network marketer only recruits two to four people, so you will want an opportunity that allows your downline to go deep which will make it easier for everyone and may help people from quitting the program.

Many companies also offer incentives such as fast start bonuses which can really jumpstart your earnings. You should be rewarded for your work right? There are many opportunities that have excellent bonuses so there is really no need to join one that does not.

The Company
It is always good to know who you are dealing with. Do a little research on the company and the program your thinking about getting involved with. Are there any complaints or lawsuits against them? Do former members relate awful experiences in network marketing forums?

You also don't want to get involved with a company too early or too late. Make sure they have been in business long enough to establish that they are trustworthy but at the same time you don't want to get involved so late that the market has already become saturated.

The success of your network marketing business depends greatly on your ability to keep your downline members active and to train them to recruit and keep their downline active as well. Duplication is the key to success with network marketing. The program should have great marketing tools, training, and excellent customer support. Some opportunities even have a members only forum which is a huge plus.

Recruiting Friends and Family
It can be really exciting when you first join a network marketing opportunity. Your full of energy, motivated about the product, and eager to get started. But you really should give yourself at least six months and some sales before you start calling the family tree.

That way if after the first two months it doesn't work out you won't feel stupid and have to hear "I told you so" from your loved ones. If your presenting a new opportunity to them every month it won't take very long before you won't be taken seriously.

Free Trials
The majority of opportunities have anywhere from a 7 to 30 day free trial where you can have full access to the program. This is the best way to see if it is going to work for you. Just make sure that you do a little research and see if the company honors these free trials without problems. Since most opportunities these days have a free trial, you need to think hard before deciding if you should join one that does not.

Network Marketing can have great rewards, or great consequences. These tips can steer you in the right direction and help you avoid some of the common mistakes that many of us make when getting involved in network marketing.

Most importantly, always go with your gut instincts and use common sense. If an opportunity doesn't seem right to you...Don't Do It! I have yet to come across a "once in a lifetime" opportunity so there is ALWAYS time to take a breather and do some research. Don't worry, the program will still be there tomorrow.

About the author:
Shawn Johnson is the webmaster for http://internet-marketing-reviews.net/ where you can find real reviews on today's hottest income opportunities.

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Network Marketing for Easy Money!

by: Craig Ritsema

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, another marketing guru selling a way to make quick money. Well, sorry, that’s not the kind of easy money I’m referring to.

Network Marketing has been around for a while. Most of us know someone who has a friend or relative who became involved in off-line network marketing. We listened to their sales pitch with our mind already set on how we were going to say no and the best way to get out of the meeting as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Through out the sales pitch we thought to ourselves, what would drive someone to put this much effort into selling these products? Why would they spend all this time promoting their product to their friends and relatives? Would we ever be able to meet them again and look them in the face wondering if they were going to start into their sales pitch?

All in all, this kind of network marketing seemed rather painful to someone from the outside. Not only was it time consuming, but you needed to be a person with the ability to sell. Most people involved this way did not start out as professional sales people, but they knew they would need to learn these skills in order to succeed.

What our friends understood about network marketing is that the first customers are the hardest. Once these customers started recruiting their own customers things started getting easier. Over time, their income would grow faster. They were sold on the product they were selling and definitely the concept of network marketing. They were persistent and determined not to quit!

I could not help but think – could they really be on to something? It seemed impossible, but what if it worked? Our friends did eventually become successful. But I believe it was only because they were determined to make it work. Giving up was not an option for them.

Times have changed and off-line network marketing has turned into on-line network marketing. The concept remains the same:

- Sell someone else’s products and make a commission on each product.

- Sell the opportunity to others so they do the same, while making a commission on their sales as well.

The second sale is what makes network marketing most rewarding and leads to “RESIDUAL INCOME”. This kind of income keeps coming without you yourself having to do the work.

Today, online network marketing has greatly simplified selling other companies’ products. Not only do they generally do the selling for you, but THE WORLD IS NOW YOUR PROSPECT!

To become a network marketer all you need is a computer, internet connection and a good product with opportunity that can be sold. POINT AND CLICK IS THE METHOD OF SALES TODAY! Good companies offering affiliate programs for network marketing also provide many ways to learn the ropes and how to sell their products. Anyone can learn how to do it!

If online marketing is so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it? It takes time and persistence. This is the hardest part. Our friends understood this and they were determined to succeed and persevere.

Is online network marketing easy? Yes. Does online network marketing take time and effort? Absolutely. Persistence and determination are the key skills needed for today’s environment. The actual work is easy.

Do you want to make money? Are you determined and willing to persevere? Then set your mind on success and grab your network marketing gold!

About the author:
Craig Ritsema operates a successful part time home business and resides in Michigan, USA. For more details visit his site at:

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3 very simple steps to making money online

by: Mike Law

Network Marketing or MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is one of the biggest earning potentials on the internet today. The internet is a multi billion dollar industry where the advantages of trading are virtually endless. Here are some of the key reasons why I highly recommend Network Marketing.

The ability to not only work from home but from almost any location in the world as long as you have access to the internet was the biggest attraction for me personally. It opens a whole new world of possibilities in regards to the way you can live your life.

You work the hours you want, and you are also your own boss. It is much easier to motivate yourself when you know your efforts are going to increase your own earning potential and not the person you are working for. Also your earning potential is endless and your business grows by itself once you have the right tools in place.

Another huge benefit of Network Marketing is the amount needed to invest is far smaller than virtually any other business so you really have very little to lose. However one of the reasons a lot of people fail at Network Marketing is because they want something for nothing. Expecting to make huge profits with no time and money invested will get you no where.

This leads me to my next point of working smarter rather than harder. How you market your business is crucial to its success. You are competing in a global market with millions of potential customers; however reaching these customers is your biggest challenge. There are so many marketing tools on the market today of which a large majority of them will generate very little if any residual profits for your company. The most effective tools for you to use are the ones which will target motivated individuals who are already interested in the products and or services which you offer.

You could for example invest substantial amounts of money on tools which promise millions of hits to your site and gain absolutely no business whatsoever. On the other hand you could invest smarter and utilise the tools which target those potential associates as mentioned above for a much smaller investment. And this is where the beauty of the plug in profit system is so evident. All the most effective tools and methods are supplied for you to save you years of trial and error.

So by now you are probably thinking that this Network Marketing venture of yours is going to require a lot more time than you thought? The answer is no. Right now is the perfect time to get involved for one main reason, Turnkey solutions. Network Marketing guru’s have developed these solutions to grow their businesses, however at the same time making it extremely simple for you to grow yours. Five of my income streams come from one turnkey site which was setup in a few hours with three easy steps. To get started or to learn more go to

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